Compression Gloves

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Eliminate pains and discomfort and support your aching fingers and hands in the most natural way possible with the ultimate pair of compression gloves.

Don't let everyday tasks become difficult and painful. Go ahead and type on your computer, knit, cook, write - do everything you want to do. Manage your pain without medications and gain control of your hands again.

An absolute MUST HAVE if you suffer from muscle soreness and numbness, aching fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid pains, wrist and hand pains, or uncomfortable tingling sensations.

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1. Elastic cotton material provides gentle compression, actively providing pain relief.
2. Open finger design facilitates dexterity and allows you to perform tasks more easily. 
3. Textured grip provides superior grip and prevents accidental drops.
4. Minimal stitching provides comfort and prevents irritation.
5. Durable and machine washable - no worries about lost compression or stitches and seams falling apart.

Package includes:
1 x pair of Heather Gray Gloves (as per selected size)

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